Notice of Race


The Organising Authority is the Devonport Yacht Club Inc (DYC)
PO Box 32 036, Devonport, 0744; Phone 445 0048

1      RULES

1.1    The General Sailing Instructions 2018 - 2019 apply for this series.

2.      SAFETY

2.1    Lifelines
         Either: Lifelines to Category 3 requirements must be fitted.
Or:    Securely fitted jackstays must be fitted on either side as specified for
         Category 3 in YNZ Safety Regulations 7.23. (It is recommended that
         all crew be clipped on before leaving the cockpit and at all times between surest and sunrise).

2.2    Dinghies
Where designated dinghies must be towed or carried in accordance with General
Sailing Instructions, section 4. (This is the recommended option.)

  • 2 Handed Round Waiheke    Sailing Instruction section 4 applies.
  • 3 Handed Gulf Rally            Sailing Instruction section 4 applies. 
  • Single Handed Race             Sailing Instruction section 4 does not apply.


3.1    The Series is “open” to financial members of any Yacht Club or other organization affiliated to YNZ for boats registered with YNZ.

3.2    Entry Fees:

  • Single Race:    DYC Members $20.00    Non Members $25.00
  • Series Entry    DYC Members $50.00    Non Members $60.00

3.3    Entries shall be on the official DYC entry form and must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entries must be received by 1700 hrs on the day prior to the start of a race.


4.1    There will be two divisions.

  • Division 1 Open Division - Extras may be carried Racing flag ORANGE.
  • Division 2 Cruising Division - No Extras may be carried Racing flag GREEN


Race Date Name Start
4 Saturday 1st December 2018 2-Handed Round Waiheke 0900hrs
14 Friday - Sunday 8th, 9th, 10th, March  2019 3-Handed Gulf Rally 0900hrs
19 Saturday 13th April 2019 Single Handed Race 0900hrs



6.1    There will be no time limit applied for the 2 - Handed Round Waiheke race & 3 - Handed Gulf Rally.  Timelimits for the Single Handed race apply as follows: 

  • There will be no time limit for boats participating in the DYC Single Handed Race.
  • For boats competing in the Hauraki Single Handed Series Race and not looking for a result in the DYC Single a time limit of 1700hrs Saturday applies. If one boat finishes within the time limit, then the time limit for all divisions will be extended by 30 minutes.

6.2    Any boat still sailing at sunset must contact Race Control on the designated VHF Channel 62 and report his position and intentions.

6.3    All boats must contact the race control on VHF Channel 62, 30 minutes before finishing to advise their ETA.

6.4    Boats may be required to take their own finishing times in accordance with General Sailing Instruction 14.2

7      SCORING

7.1    Low Points Scoring System in YNZ Rules Appendices A4 and A9 shall apply. A 9 is amended, for this series, only so that a boat that did not start shall be scored points 2 more than the number of boats starting.

7.2    Two Races must have been started to constitute a series.

7.3    A boat must start in at least two races in the same division to qualify for series points.

7.4    The Gulf Rally will count as a single race. Each leg will be scored in accordance with 7.1 above and the aggregate points of the three legs used to determine race points.

8      PRIZES

8.1    Prizes will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on handicap for each race or each leg of the Gulf Rally. Three boats must start for a 2nd prize and five for 3rd prize; skippers must be present to receive the prize.


9.1    Race trophies for each race are shown in individual Sailing Instructions

  • Shorthanded Series Points Extras Division 1:       The Devonport Cup
  • Shorthanded Series Points No Extras Division 2:  The Sabot Cup