Notice of Race

Sunday, 23th February 2019

The Organising Authority is the Devonport Yacht Club Inc (DYC)
PO Box 32 036, Devonport, 0744; Phone 445 0048

See additional information regarding the Devonport Yacht Club Youth Sailing Initiative 


1       RULES

1.1    The General Sailing Instructions 2018/2019 (the “General Instructions”) apply for this regatta. These specify DYC safety requirements and the application of Yacht-ing New Zealand (YNZ) Racing Rules of Sailing and Safety regulations.

1.2    In the Classic Yacht divisions 2 and 4, and the Mullet Boat division 3, extras may be set according to respective Association rules and handicapping.

1.3    Dinghies need NOT be towed nor carried.

1.4    Shorten Course – The race officer may shorten course for individual divisions by displaying Flag S + the Division Flag(s)+ 2 sounds  (YNZ Rule 32.2 (a)) on the DYC flagstaff . The Divisions sailing the shortened couse will finish when they pass between the DYC flagstaff and Torpedo yellow buoy as per the stated course.


2.1    Entry is open to financial members of any Yacht Club or other organisation affiliated to Yachting New Zealand. Boats must be registered with YNZ.

2.2    Entries shall be on the official DYC entry form and must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. Entries must be received by 1700 hrs on the day prior to the start of the race;

2.3    Fees:    DYC Members $20.00    Non Members $25.00
                      DYC “All Races” and Classics “3-race Entry” entries apply for this regatta.


3.1 There will be 5 Divisions:

Division Trophy Flag Extras
1 - Open with Extras Duder Cup Orange Yes
2 - Classic A and Modern Classics George Winstone Jnr Black See 1.2
3 - Mullet Boats Wood Shield Yellow See 1.2
4 - Classic B Col Wild Trophy Blue See 1.2
4 - Woollacott Design Woollacott Cup Blue No
5 - Open No Extras Gainpor Jackson Green No



4.1    The time Limit is 1600hrs

4.2    Should any boat in a given division finish within the time limit then the time limit for that division will be extended by 30 minutes

5      SCORING

5.1    Low Points Scoring System in YNZ Rules Appendices A4 and A9 shall apply.

6      PRIZES

6.1   Youth Trophies - Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the first yacht on corrected time for each course that has at least two eligble youth sailors on board. All youths that participate in the race and are present at the prize giving will also be entered into a special prize draw. A separate entry form will need to be completed for all yachts and crews that wish to enter for the Youth Trophies.  To be elegible a youth must be between the ages of 16 and 21 on the day of the Duder Cup Regatta.

6.2   The trophies for this race will be presented at the DYC annual prize giving event in May 2019. The skippers of the placed yachts in each division will be notified and invited to the event.

6.3    After race prizes will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on handicap in each Division as detailed in the After Race section in the Course Instruction.  Skippers must be present to receive a prize.